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Welcome to Galactic Antics! As the author, I go by the name of Calphy. I am currently a measly twenty-three years of age, and I am a British member of the larger Star Wars: The Old Republic Community.

I honestly can't remember when I was first introduced to Star Wars, although I know it was before the release of The Phantom Menace. The very first scene I can remember "remembering" is the brief "melting" spat between C-3PO and R2-D2 immediately following the TIE/ln Fighter attack on the Millennium Falcon in A New Hope, the first Episode I ever saw. The Empire Strikes Back is currently my favourite of the eight (and a bit).

I have been involved, and subscribed, in the world of SWTOR - which is actually my first MMORPG - since the "standard Launch" of the game in December of 2011. I'm still involved in the game mainly because of my love of Star Wars itself more than any other factor. I have been familiar with the time period of the Old Republic as a whole since late 2008 when I was first introduced to Knights of the Old Republic, and I have been devoted to it ever since, replaying KotOR every two years or so. HK-47 remains to this day my favourite character from either of the two KotOR games.

In SWtOR, I raid frequently, and occasionally dabble in the odd flashpoint and PvP match. As you can see, my home turf is undeniably in the "Player-versus-Environment" hemisphere, although I can be appreciative of other aspects, such as pure and simple exploration and appreciation of the in-game universe as a whole.

As for the blog, Antics was first properly "launched" on August 9th 2014 under the original name of "Spawn of the Dread Master", and has since become the vassal for my various ramblings about the game.

A fair warning: I do tend to ramble on just a tad too much in a couple of my blog posts.

In-game, I can currently be located on server Darth Malgus. You can see who my characters are here.

Should you ever wish to contact me at any point, you can reach me at galacticantics@gmail.com or at my Twitter Account.

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