Cal Pheiya

Alignment: Light Side

Age: 26

Class: Gunslinger
Gear Rating: 252
Command Rank: 2,453

Cal has gone through multiple phases of being my definitive main character. She took the position from my (now former) Commando, Ziodus, in February 2014, lost it to my Sniper, Pippera, in April 2015, and gained it back again in April 2016. Nowadays, while Cal is technically still my main raiding character, she has since become second in running day-to-day activities, such as Flashpoints and PvP, to my Guardian. 


Alignment: Light Side

Age: 32

Class: Guardian
Gear Rating: 252
Command Rank: 2,398

Miorahna is only my second ever Jedi Knight, created in December of 2015. She swiftly managed to depose her predecessor, Rahnga, who is technically still my longest-serving character still in existence despite being left behind on The Harbinger. Since 5.0, as mentioned above, she has become my main in all instances other than raiding on the Republic side, simply because I've harboured a love for the Guardian playstyle for a long time and 5.0's changes made it even more enjoyable for me. 


Alignment: Light Side

Age: 21

Class: Sage
Gear Rating: 248
Command Rank: 446

Since her predecessor Eirahnos had been left completely abandoned on The Harbinger, Vhiallia was the first character created on The Red Eclipse following my transfer in April 2016, making use of an Instant Level 60 Character token. Despite having been created solely with the Eternal Consular Achievement in mind, she became my "PvP Main" during 4.0. With the advent of 5.0, Vhiallia is now mainly relegated to running Heroics and occasionally a few Flashpoints. 


Alignment: Light Side

Age: 23

Class: Vanguard
Gear Rating: 248
Command Rank: 326

Jehnira is the newest of the Republic characters, having been created in September 2017 as part of an experiment to see if I could finally get over my apparent inability to play Vanguard. The experiment proved a success, due in no small part to the changes made to Vanguards in 5.0, and she swiftly replaced Commando Ziodus, whose playstyle I was finding very tedious around this time. Despite this success, Jehnira has seen little action overall and is my only Republic character to not be up-to-date with all the story content, presently being on Rishi.  



Alignment: Dark Side

Age: 25

Class: Sniper
Gear Rating: 252
Command Rank: 777

As mentioned in Cal's bio, Pippera served as my absolute main from April 2015 until April 2016. During this time she accomplished the most of any of my characters, earning all Operation titles that could still be unlocked throughout this period. These days Pip serves mainly as my chief story-character for the Imperial perspective, simply because she is now my only Dark-sider. 


Alignment: Light Side

Age: 20

Class: Juggernaut
Gear Rating: 252
Command Rank: 409

Ferok'ia is the only Dark vs. Light Event character of mine to continue in active service, while all the rest have been deleted. This is solely because Ferok'ia's predecessor was in no way adequately geared, so it just made sense to continue on with the momentum from starting from scratch. Unlike her Republic counterpart, Ferok'ia is not considered the 'everyday main' of her faction; due to how infrequently I use any Imperial characters, this responsibility is jointly shared by her, Pippera and (occasionally) Vahnora.


Alignment: Light Side

Age: 17

Class: Sorcerer
Gear Rating: 248
Command Rank: 484

The first Light-Side Sith I ever created, Vahnora's path made me realise the potential values of such a character. Light-sided Sith are surprisingly very honour-bound, and it makes for a pleasant change compared to the "death, lightning, death!" of more Dark-sided tendencies. 


Alignment: Light Side

Age: 24

Class: Powertech
Gear Rating: 248
Command Rank: 611

Phirella is the newest of these eight characters, following in the footsteps of Jehnira. Indeed, most of what I had to say about Jehn will apply to Phi as well, including the fact that she is the only Imperial of mine to not be up-to-date on all story content; she's still in her Class story's third Act. This is not due to apathy, but just mainly not knowing when to get around to continuing her story. 

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