Cal Pheiya

Alignment: Light Side

Age: 26

Class: Gunslinger
Gear Rating: 248
Command Rank: 2,115

Cal has gone through multiple phases of being my definitive main character. She took the position from Ziodus in February 2014, lost it to Pippera in April 2015, and gained it back again in April 2016. To this day she remains my sole Nightmare Raiding character, but has since become second in running day-to-day activities, such as Flashpoints and PvP, to my Guardian.


Alignment: Light Side

Age: 32

Class: Guardian
Gear Rating: 248
Command Rank: 1,604

Miorahna is only my second ever Jedi Knight, created in December of 2015. She swiftly managed to depose her predecessor, Rahnga, who is technically still my longest-serving character still in existence despite being left behind on The Harbinger. Her outfit is additionally my own personal pick for the best outfit which I have ever given to any single character of mine. Since 5.0, she has become the definitive "main backup", being my second-ever character to reach Command Rank 300 and attain full 248-Rating gear. She was also thus the first Melee and Jedi character of mine to have attained a full set of BiS endgame PvE gear.


Alignment: Light Side

Age: 21

Class: Sage
Gear Rating: 248
Command Rank: 427

Since her predecessor Eirahnos had been left completely abandoned on The Harbinger, Vhiallia was the first character created on The Red Eclipse following my transfer, making use of an Instant Level 60 Character token. Despite having been created solely with the Eternal Consular Achievement in mind, she acted as the "PvP Main" on the Republic Faction during 4.0. Since 5.0, Vhiallia had been left mainly alone due to more time being dedicated to other characters, but has since become the fifth character in full 248.


Alignment: Light Side

Age: 23

Class: Vanguard
Gear Rating: 248
Command Rank: 309

Jehnira is the result of my gradual coming-to-dislike Commando eventually coming to a head. Seeing as I had found a spec on all the other Classes which I enjoyed, it seemed necessary to try and rectify this as soon as possible. Having come to appreciate Jedi Guardian DPS even more than I already did now that it is (mostly) all-instant and far more mobile, I was curious to see whether I would think the same of Vanguard. Since you're currently reading about her (and may have been following my documentation of the 'Vanguard Experiment'), you shouldn't be surprised to learn that I consider my experimentation a success. Indeed, she has since become the fifth Character of mine to reach CR300 and the eighth and absolute final of these characters to reach full 248 gear rating.



Alignment: Dark Side

Age: 25

Class: Sniper
Gear Rating: 248
Command Rank: 560

Despite losing the status of Main in April 2016 after a year in the position, Pippera has accomplished the most out of any character of mine during this time. She possesses nearly every single Operation title (only missing out on the Nightmare Power titles and The Eternal Warrior), and was also the first character on whom I discovered a new-found tolerance for PvP when the gear-prices were reduced in Patch 3.3. Since 5.0, Pip was the slowest to come around to actually getting prepared with level-adequate gear, but eventually became the third character to attain full 248-rating gear. She was also my first ever character to exactly match her opposite-faction equivalent's gear at a full 1:1 ratio; beforehand, any character to attain full endgame gear did so while their Imperial/Republic equivalent still had to contend with 50% of their gear being previous-expansion or Crafted quality.


Alignment: Light Side

Age: 20

Class: Juggernaut
Gear Rating: 248
Command Rank: 370

Ferok'ia is the only Dark vs. Light Event character of mine to continue in active service, while all the rest have either been forgotten or deleted. The reasons for her continued existence are very simple; I couldn't be bothered to put in the work in 'rescuing' her predecessor Cynare's gear and it was just easier to leave him behind and work instead on Ferok'ia. Since then, she's continued on to become one of my most favourite characters of all time. Since 5.0, Ferok'ia enjoyed a brief stint of being the definitive "main" on Empire side, thanks to my focus on and enjoyment 'of' Miorahna causing me to focus on getting them both geared up with crafted gear. Although she was eventually displaced from this position by Pippera, Ferok'ia eventually became the fourth of these eight characters to have attained full 248-rating gear.


Alignment: Light Side

Age: 17

Class: Sorcerer
Gear Rating: 248
Command Rank: 465

The first Light-Side Sith I ever created, Vahnora's path made me realise the potential values of playing a Light-Sided Sith, which then led to future Sith adhering to this path as well. Light-sided Sith are surprisingly very honour-bound, and it makes for a pleasant change compared to the "death, lightning, death!" of more Dark-Sided tendencies. Despite largely being left abandoned since 5.0 and being one of the last to reach 70, Vahnora has benefited from the renewed focus afforded to Vhiallia and was the fourth Character of mine to reach CR300 and the sixth character to reach full 248 gear rating.


Alignment: Light Side

Age: 24

Class: Powertech
Gear Rating: 248
Command Rank: 611

Phirella is an interesting case. She was created annoyingly too soon for the Dark vs. Light Event, and, since she was the first Bounty Hunter of mine whose design aesthetics 'clicked' in their entirety, she quickly became a template for the new DvL Hunter Vhirella, with the only difference between them being their facial scarring. The templates didn't stop there. Desiring an Underworld Trader and an Armormech - and not having the Credits at the time to get Phirella's Companions up to Influence 50 to facilitate 'power-levelling' either skill - I decided to recreate Phirella as an Instant-65 Mercenary, except this time rather than her scars being different, it was her body-type. The first Phirella had been BT1, but this one was BT2 just to change things up a bit. However, since the aforementioned 'Vanguard Experiment' has been deemed more-or-less a success, I have decided once again to scrap the pre-existing Phirella and recreate a clone in her stead. This third one - continuing the accidental pattern - is BT3, and has done away with the previously-characteristic red armour for some charcoal-coloured armour instead. She has since become the seventh character to attain full 248 gear rating.

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