For the List of Buckets: Take Two

A little under three years ago, I created a formal bucket-listof things I would like to do in SWTOR before it reaches its end. It had always sort-of existed in-theory, but the completion of Big Game Hunter by killing 10-stack Dreadtooth prompted me to make it a real thing.

To provide a recap so that people do not need to delve into the previous post, the list I drew up was as follows:

  • Completing I Mean It! No More Bormu!
  • Getting the Heroic Space Mission Reputation track to Legend and subsequently purchasing the Tirsa Champion to unlock Gearhead.
  • Completing Lord of the Raklings.
  • Romping around Iokath with a bunch of guildies as the five Godkin.
  • Naturally discovering a Czerka Crate-O-Matic.
  • Killing all Operation Bosses in the game.

Since it is coming up to three years since I created the list, I thought it would be a nice idea to look at each of these and provide an update on where things stand; how many have been completed, how much progress has been made on others, and whether any other goals have been added in later years.


Starship Booty and GSF

When it comes to Amplifiers, there is very good reason to only focus on those which increase damage or healing values. There are the odd few others which are useful for other stuff, like reducing repair costs or increasing crew skill success rates.

Today's post is dedicated to one of the little-celebrated Amplifiers and how useful it can be in specific situations: Starship Booty.


Better Than Life

About thirteen or so years ago, I was introduced to the British sci-fi comedy show Red Dwarf. To briefly summarise it for those who have not seen it: David Lister, third-technician aboard the mining vessel Red Dwarf, is locked in stasis for illegally bringing a cat on board and ends up waking up three million years later after a radiation leak wipes out the rest of the crew.

Since the show started production in the 1980s, a lot of the general tech used on the show over the years is a hybrid of now-outdated technologies and predictions of how tech would evolve in both the near and far futures. For example, VHS tapes still exist but are now triangular. Sometimes their guesswork has come rather close to coming true even in today’s technological age. I can easily see the ship computer Holly being a logical evolution of smart devices like Alexa.  

A couple of episodes focused on the future of computer games. The episode Better Than Life introduced the Total Immersion Video Games, which put players directly into the games themselves. These have seen numerous different interpretations in the show, ranging from a small bike helmet-type device to large booths that players stood or reclined in, but the most notable is in the 1993 episode, Gunmen of the Apocalypse. In this episode, Artificial Reality games were shown being played using a headset and special gloves.

Roll forward twenty years, and this headset is one bit of tech which has become very real and publicly accessible. Virtual Reality is still quite a niche category in gaming, but it has been making more of a steady foothold over the past couple of years.

Since purchasing Squadrons, my curiosity for how it would look in VR got the better of me and so as of Christmas Day last year I now have my very own headset. Today's post is dedicated to giving it a bit of a review.


The Spirit of Vengeance

Mandalorians. An ever-present community in Star Wars lore, they have seen many iterations across films, games, and TV shows. Few of these interpretations have been particularly interesting, and I feel it has been years since the last time any content featuring or focusing on them has been anywhere near "good".

So it is that SWTOR is now turning back to them now that the war between the Empire and Republic is taking somewhat of a backseat and the Emperor is dealt with. Again. Shae Vizla, the current Mand’alor, is of course standing by our side as an ally and potential companion of the Alliance, but as this story delves into she has a fair bit of opposition amongst the other clans.

This is the focus of 6.2’s secondary storyline. A new faction of Mandalorians, known as the Hidden Chain, has emerged to challenge Vizla’s right to rule. The Chain is made up of a rogue’s gallery of Mandalorian clans – clan Varad return after almost nine years having last been seen under the thumb of Mavrix in Mandalorian Raiders, while both the Ash’ad and Dar’manda were last seen on Onderon and Mek-Sha, respectively.

The three clans are united under Field Marshal Heta Kol, who has a personal vendetta with Shae for turning the Mandalorians into “servants”. We shall have to wait and see whether there is more to it, of course, but for now this is all we know.

This storyline takes place in the form of a new Flashpoint, this being the third such instance to be themed around Mandalorians. 



Star Wars: Squadrons' second Content Update

Just under two weeks after its previous free update, Squadrons received its second such update last Friday. This update was, for many, “the big one”: it contained three things that many voices in the community had been requesting pretty much since the game was announced. The A/SF-01 B-wing and TIE/D Defender join their respective navies, and there is now the ability to create custom and private matches of any kind.

There are other things as well, of course, but these are the primary things to focus on.


The Final End [Full Echoes of Oblivion Spoilers]

Usually Wednesday is my posting day, but SWTOR’s newest update deserves some rather special treatment.

SWTOR’s 6.2 update has been an exceptionally long time coming. It was originally scheduled for the summer before Covid-19 hit and caused delays. As a result, BioWare decided to combine both the finale to the Emperor storyline with the next “big” original storyline which will follow the Mandalorians.


I will touch on the Mandalorian story at some point, probably in a week and a half if the new Squadrons update comes beforehand. Today, I shall be focusing on the storyline which we have been waiting to see the conclusion of for months if not years.


Star Wars: Squadrons' first Content Update

Star Wars: Squadrons received its first major content update last week on Wednesday the 25th of November. While the developers were always treating it as a complete package at-launch as an homage to games like the X-Wing series, they also stated that any if there were to be any future updates they would be dependent on how well it sold.

The amount of pre-orders for the game proved to them that they had a serious audience, and so they arranged to get out not one but two free major content updates before the end of the year. The first contained components for all four ship classes and a new map alongside the expected balance changes, while the second… well, let me just say that fans of two specific ships are really looking forward to December.

Since I have already written about Squadrons in the past, I think that it is fitting that I also cover these content updates as they come. I was always going to write another post about it once December 25th had come and gone for… reasons… but it is always nice to have extra things to write about!