Another Faction at Legend

Nearly two whole years ago now, the Gree sauntered onto Ilum with the Gray Secant and with them came a fervent scurrying for the brand-new "Reputation system" that also covered areas such as Section X.

Today, I finally managed to hit Legend Rank with the Gree. Whilst I was playing the game a good deal back when they first came - this pales to my play-time nowadays, though, due to difference in available time - I just didn't get into the Gree at all. I think it was the fact that there were two PvP-flag-compulsory missions and back then, I had a Vanguard Tank and Tanks in general always had a sharp stick in their Shield Generators in PvP before 2.0 hit.

I can't remember which visitation of the Gree's it was that caused me to finally pull my finger out and start gaining Reputation - I think it was their third; whichever it was, I was "Friend" by the time that the most recent one hit and saved up enough across three characters to get to Legend.

So that means that I can finally undergo on that Junior Research Project and gain an honorary deGree in species analysis.

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