Critiquing Class Stories #8: The Imperial Agent

Here we are, folks, the final Class Story critique!

The Imperial Agent is the second of two Imperial classes who many claim to have the best story in-game, the other of course being the Sith Warrior. It's my own personal favourite, but, looking at it analytically, does it also deserve its high pedestal?

Spoilers, spoilers everywhere (and not a drop to drink).


Critiquing Class Stories #7: The Sith Warrior

The Sith Warrior is one of two classes which has a story claimed by many to be the best. It's easy to see why, as you're constantly in-action and constantly gaining more and more power until eventually right at the very end only the Dark Council can attempt to withhold you.

Beginning to run out of ways to say "Spoilers!", thank goodness there's only one of these left!


Critiquing Class Stories #6: The Sith Inquisitor

The Sith Inquisitor is another class whose story has received criticism for being "boring". Going into this critique, this stance seems to me to be one which is more privy to points-of-view more so than any other, because whilst most stories can appeal based on mission objectives and character, this story features history and archaeology extremely heavily, more so than anything else.

Spoiling spoilers.


Critiquing Class Stories #5: The Bounty Hunter

I'll be honest; deciding on which class to kickstart the Imperial faction critiques has been rather difficult. I decided to go from weakest to strongest, which was fairly easy for the Republic. Empire, though, has very strong stories and so deciding which is the "definitive weakest" is difficult. That said, the Hunter's storyline is the one of the four which I feel I could be most critical of.

Spoilers have returned after yesterday's neutral foray.


3.2: A Preliminary (and spoiler-free!) Look from the PTS

So 3.2 has hit the PTS, and with it comes Ziost and the Outfit Designers, along with a whole bunch of other changes relating to minor things and class skills.

Because my last four posts have been very spoiler-laden (so too shall be the next four), I decided to write a "neutral" piece and only comment on scenery and other neutral areas when it comes to Ziost.


Critiquing Class Stories #4: The Jedi Knight

The Jedi Knight's story is deferred to by many as the "definitive best" of the four Republic classes. With this statement in mind, how does it hold up?

Spoilers spoil things.


Critiquing Class Stories #3: The Republic Trooper

Today I close off the Ord Mantellian team by looking at the Trooper's story, mainly designed around a character whose primary purpose was to execute rapid infiltration and exfiltration missions. How do the developments from simple Sergeant to influential Major hold up?

Spoilerphobes be wary, as ever.


Critiquing Class Stories #2: The Jedi Consular

The Jedi Consular is privy to a story which many deem as the weakest. As someone who played through both a fully-light and a fully-dark take on the story, I must admit that whilst it was more fun going Dark the Light story did feel lacking. Overall, though, how does it hold up?

As usual, spoilers!


Critiquing Class Stories #1: The Smuggler

It's been a very slow two weeks for this blog. I haven't really found much to report on that's new save for the proposed Operation Victory and the bug which the Patch Notes for 3.1.1 pointed out with regards to the Appearance Modification Station.

In an attempt to keep things flowing for the next few weeks until something new actually does present itself, I'm going to satisfy my "inner critic" by turning to everything that has been in the game since get-go which is uniquely class-based, from class stories to companions, every couple of days. Unlike my Rishi class missions "glance-over", which kept details to a bare minimum, these posts will be laced with spoilers and so should be avoided if you've yet to complete the particular class.

So, without further ado, I launch this with a detailed look-over and critique of the story of the Smuggler.


The most fun glitch for quite some time

I normally don't encourage bugs or glitches. That said, there are those which are so bizarre on paper that just need to be seen to be believed. I don't know how long this has been in existence, but the Preliminary Patch Notes for 3.1.1 highlight a very awesome and hilarious glitch relating to the Appearance Designer.

When you enter the appearance modifier, you can still "interact" in the outside world. This includes mounting up. Until next week, if you mount up whilst modifying your character's body type and exit after applying the changes (you do have to apply; you can't just exit after changing the sliders and doing nothing else), you will find that your appearance has changed a little bit more than you could have possibly imagined, as Calphaya demonstrates.

Isn't she a majestic sight?
Theoretically, this should work with any mount. The funniest ones will doubtless be the ones which "need" a pilot, like the Walkers and Meditation chairs, although I doubt anything could top the strange sight of a set of Wings of the Architect just flapping about like it's nobody's business.

Sadly, this isn't permanent. Any cast of any sort would cancel this out, and I'd imagine the same would be true of travelling. Also, if you want to make the most of this before next week, you'd need to have a fair amount of Cartel Coins (80 per temporary transformation).

Still, this is definitely the funniest glitch I've come across for a long time now.