Ten Years of SWTOR: Personal History and Memorable Moments

What's this? A non-PTS post? Thankfully, with the intended release date of Legacy of the Sith now revealed as the 14th of December, BioWare have also closed the PTS again to begin final preparations for launch. I must confess that I'm relieved that it has closed, simply because I found myself utterly addicted to following along with it and trying to understand as best I could how BioWare were doing things.

Still, it's over now, so back to normality from here on in!

As a from-launch player, the past ten years of SWTOR’s history have also been quite a large part of my own life. The game launched when I was but sixteen years of age, so this game has accompanied me through the last years of secondary school, the entirety of not one but two university courses, and has been a major source of sanity throughout the numerous COVID lockdowns.

I can’t celebrate this milestone without acknowledging my own history within SWTOR, so please indulge me while I go through the years, discuss any memorable moments that occurred within, and discuss what this meant for me as a player.

Let’s go!


Adventures on the Legacy of the Sith PTS, Part 5

It's been a while since my last PTS post, but we've had an absolute shedload of stuff come in over the past few weeks.

Firstly, legendary items have been announced and the initial batch released. Then itemisation was confirmed to be getting a massive overhaul from 6.0, including the announcement of the removal of Renown. Finally, we've now seen the options to choose a secondary combat style be implemented for existing characters.

So, what's new?