Adventures on the Legacy of the Sith PTS, Part 3

It’s Total Galactic War week again on Live, which ordinarily I would be all-in for. However, due to a general feeling of apathy towards all the games which I am currently involved with (one of which is certainly due to burnout, so very much looking forward to taking a much-needed break after ten or so weeks of focus!) I’m not going to be all too involved with it this week.

Mercifully, the monotony has been broken up somewhat by BioWare updating the PTS to include my current favourite class (or at least its Imperial equivalent), the Sorcerer, and its combat style sibling, the Assassin. In this post, I shall only be covering the Sorcerer as I do not play Assassin. I don’t want to try and take guesses about what may or may not work without even a baseline understanding of how their abilities work.

I may be in an "I enjoy learning new things!" phase, but I do have limits.

Additionally, and more crucially, level 80 is now available in a limited form! It’s nice to see more things coming out, especially as now character-copy is enabled again. Yay for being able to get more of a grasp of how these things will probably work!

Let’s get started!