Adventures on the Legacy of the Sith PTS, Part 1

Today, the first build of the Legacy of the Sith PTS went live. With it comes the first look at the revised Jedi Guardian combat style.

How to describe it?

In a word: confusion.


Reflecting on Combat Styles

With the announcement of Legacy of the Sith also came the news that when the expansion lands, any character can play any one of the eight advanced classes – now referred to as combat styles – open to their status as a Force or a Tech base class. So a Powertech could become a Vanguard, a Guardian could become an Assassin, or a Gunslinger could become a Commando. Force classes will have an alignment requirement to switch to the other faction’s combat styles, so a Light V Jedi Consular cannot suddenly start zapping people with lightning.

While the combinations are myriad and, in-theory, could be really interesting (Dark Jedi and Imperial Trooper are two very common “I can do this now? Yes!” responses by players), I initially thought that this is something that I likely would not have any interest in using practically. Sure, the included loadouts functionality is much welcome and I can see myself using that for my Gunslinger to switch between Disciplines between fights during raids, but going to the full extent of switching combat styles was not something that appealed to me personally. Maybe I would do it once or twice, depending on the situation at-hand, but not permanently.

As the past two days have gone on, however, I’ve come to realise that there actually could be situations where I could end up switching at least one character’s combat style on a permanent basis. This would pertain to, at most, three characters: my Juggernaut, my Powertech, and my Vanguard.


SWTOR's Tenth Anniversary Plans

2021 is a big year for The Old Republic. Come December 20th, the game will have officially been live for ten whole years (discounting any early access periods). For quite a while now, it has been hypothesised and teased that BioWare would release an expansion to coincide with the big date, and finally we have our answers about exactly what BW have planned.

Here we gooo!