Outfitting the Alliance

I've kept mostly silent regarding the myriad of Companions we can now potentially recruit as of Fallen Empire. I personally like seeing all of these characters play some part in the overall story, although I will concede that limiting which Companions are eligible to be summoned or sent on Crew Skills would be a welcome feature in the future. Having 25+ Companions when we used to have a maximum of eight is just ridiculous over-inflation.

In spite of our massively-inflated Companion lists, we can only decide the looks of so many; this is either due to the lack of outfit slots or, depending on faction, any number of customisations beyond the Cartel Market and Soovada and T.H.O.R.N vendors.

At present, only eight Companions can have their gear customised in any way. Although this number will be bolstered by at least another five Companions - I won't say which here but previewing Customisations will already reveal who these Companions are - by the end of this first season of Fallen Empire, this number is still worryingly low considering that by this point in time players could have a maximum of roughly thirty-four Companions available to them.

Having considerably improved in the creation of outfits since the last post I made on this matter some time back, I thought that I would take the time to show off outfits which I have devised for my main Pippera's slew of customisable Companions. They're stuck with us for the foreseeable, so why not work to make them more visually appealing?


Thoughts on 4.2 [Spoiler-Free]

4.2 launched just yesterday, bringing with it a myriad of decent changes and annoying bugs. Continuing this apparent monthly trend of mine from last time, here are my thoughts on what was included.