The Companions, They Are a-Changin'

The PAX Prime Livestream has recently shed light on numerous factors. First, actual gameplay - and some "interesting" story developments - of Fallen Empire, set in Chapter 3, and second, various changes coming to one of the most long-standing functions of the game: Companions.

Companions are a big thing in many of BioWare's games, so obviously these changes have attracted a lot of interest. There are still questions to be answered, but from what we know so far here is my own analysis of the changes which are being introduced.


Thoughts on the Changes to Operations and Flashpoints

I've been putting this off long enough; it's time for me to tackle this.

Changes to the game are coming in a big way. Those keeping a close eye on the data-mining scene are more than aware of just how deep the changes are going. Whilst I am aware of these myself, I will not comment on them for the time being. All I will say is that there are a lot of things changing very quickly. Instead, there is one change which BioWare themselves have detailed which I have yet to openly display my opinions on and will do so today.

Over a month ago, BioWare announced changes which were coming to both Flashpoints and Operations. The Operations changes in particular were met with some controversy whilst the Flashpoint changes were met with more or less open arms.

As someone who has a vested interest in both Flashpoints and Operations in this game, I have my own thoughts which I am at long last sharing.


One Year Under

So exactly one year ago today, this blog was more or less "officially" launched. It had been sitting unloved for two months before the Rakghoul event finally got it kicked into gear.

I haven't got anything particularly  special planned to mark this occasion, as to be honest I didn't even think I'd get this far, so just a short blog post marking this occasion seemed to suffice.

Thank you for sticking through and being patient with my ramblings, and here's to hopefully another decent year of "SWtOR nonsense".