Update on previous post

Two days ago, 2.9 went live, and within my report on the matter I expressed some concern over the NPC limit that one had within the Stronghold during the latter stages of the PTS and how I hoped that it hadn't transitioned over.

However, it has done exactly that, and BioWare have responded that they implemented this restriction to negate performance issues that would arise from having a lot of NPCs of various sizes in so many different versions of the same place at once.


2.9: Galactic Strongholds

Pip Manaan

Pip's beloved computer station was confiscated upon entry to Manaan by the paranoid Selkath

So today 2.9 went live and has brought with it a whole host of brilliant things. As you can gather from the picture above, a new planet - Manaan - can now be visited although it is nothing more than a hub for codex entries, a flashpoint entrance, and a vendor. Part 2 of "Forged Alliances" has also been released to go with this.

Finally, the Galactic Strongholds and Guild Ships have finally made their way to us. A lot of people will be thrilled to finally deck out their own house while others are more interested in the Conquest that tides us over until 3.0 brings in its inevitable raid.


2.10 Patch Notes and Class Changes, and then some

Recently, BioWare released patch notes for 2.10 to be released on the PTS. For the time being, they contain only class changes and nothing more specific - Forged Alliances Part 3 is not being released at this moment on the PTS, but that's the only other thing that should otherwise be there to our knowledge.

Since then, BioWare have gone through a whole host of changes to the changes. They've reworked the Gunslinger changes, and are still having fun making amendments to Sorc/Sage healing.

Whilst they're still making their mind up, let's congratulate the Marauders and Shadows on only getting one version of changes!


Another Faction at Legend

Nearly two whole years ago now, the Gree sauntered onto Ilum with the Gray Secant and with them came a fervent scurrying for the brand-new "Reputation system" that also covered areas such as Section X.

Today, I finally managed to hit Legend Rank with the Gree. Whilst I was playing the game a good deal back when they first came - this pales to my play-time nowadays, though, due to difference in available time - I just didn't get into the Gree at all. I think it was the fact that there were two PvP-flag-compulsory missions and back then, I had a Vanguard Tank and Tanks in general always had a sharp stick in their Shield Generators in PvP before 2.0 hit.

I can't remember which visitation of the Gree's it was that caused me to finally pull my finger out and start gaining Reputation - I think it was their third; whichever it was, I was "Friend" by the time that the most recent one hit and saved up enough across three characters to get to Legend.

So that means that I can finally undergo on that Junior Research Project and gain an honorary deGree in species analysis.


Making the most of Raid Hiatus

Whilst I am one of my guild's progression raiders, I'm in the unfortunate position of occasionally not being able to attend raids every few months for several weeks at a time due to being-at-University and being-elsewhere schedules - in this case, my hiatus started at the end of June and will culminate in the last week of September. My guild doesn't mind this, as we're active enough that my replacement was ready-to-go the immediate week after my departure. Three months without raiding, though, does leave an incredibly big gap to fill, particularly as it is one of my biggest prides and joys to accomplish.


Rakghouls, Rakghouls, Rakghouls

Pip Blog Rakghoul

Blogging from the Rakghoul Tunnels

So the Rakghouls are back yet again, this time on Tatooine, after nearly seven entire months of waiting since Alderaan.

For one, I'm thrilled to see them return. It's been, as I say, quite some time since the event was previously live, and it's nice to have this as a filler before Strongholds go live in ten days' time. I had a lot of things to still catch up upon from last time, such as needing to complete four more Rakling achievements - that Symbiote still evades me to this day - and some more Reputation.

Actually getting around to doing this.

So this thing has been kicking around for about two or so months, but I haven't actually done anything yet here. Time to fix that.


So, yeah, SWTOR, yadda yadda, Sith, yadda yadda, Republic. You know the rest if you've played the game and read other blogs of this nature.

Just to explain the "Spawn of the Dread Master" joke: I absolutely adore the Dread Masters, and my Gunslinger suffered from this adoration by earning herself a re-name after my favourite of the bunch: Calphayus. My guild (and one of my friends) being as they are, one thing led to another, and now I have this joke.


The characters who you will see/red about most often are my Sniper and my Gunslinger, being as they are may two main characters. In fact, you're more likely to see the Sniper, as she owns "Data Entry" and so will head a great deal many of the blogposts.


To actually begin with, I'll start with some retroactive blog posts about certain events in-game over the last few weeks and months, as they're still worth talking about in my mind.


And so, I officially declare this blog "Open!"