Actually getting around to doing this.

So this thing has been kicking around for about two or so months, but I haven't actually done anything yet here. Time to fix that.


So, yeah, SWTOR, yadda yadda, Sith, yadda yadda, Republic. You know the rest if you've played the game and read other blogs of this nature.

Just to explain the "Spawn of the Dread Master" joke: I absolutely adore the Dread Masters, and my Gunslinger suffered from this adoration by earning herself a re-name after my favourite of the bunch: Calphayus. My guild (and one of my friends) being as they are, one thing led to another, and now I have this joke.


The characters who you will see/red about most often are my Sniper and my Gunslinger, being as they are may two main characters. In fact, you're more likely to see the Sniper, as she owns "Data Entry" and so will head a great deal many of the blogposts.


To actually begin with, I'll start with some retroactive blog posts about certain events in-game over the last few weeks and months, as they're still worth talking about in my mind.


And so, I officially declare this blog "Open!"

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  1. A (very belated, as I was absent at the time) welcome to the blogging scene!