General Site Changes

Since this blog was launched, everything has been pretty much text, text, and more text. Whilst simplicity is good, there is a fine line between simple and boring, and if you sought to escape the text-heavy blog posts by reading the Information and particularly the Legacy pages, you would not find any solace whatsoever.

As of today, the Legacy page has been redesigned. Rather than lump everything in together - such as details of my characters and particular achievements completed - I have finally split the two apart. Not only that, but the "Characters" page has far more detail than the old one ever did; as well as the inevitable blocks of writing, you will now find images spread throughout in my attempt to make it that little bit less of an eyesore. The Accomplishments page is still as boring as ever, although I can't think of how better to spruce it up at the moment.

Also new is the site's header. I didn't aim for anything particularly over-the-top, but it's there.

Nothing else to say; just a simple update as to the appearance of the blog.


  1. Oh dear, don't get me talking on blog design! An always ongoing progress (at least, in my personal case; I keep getting these more and more complicated ideas about how to design my own blog and it takes up way too much of my time)...

    Nice job on the new look, though. If this is over-the-top, then I like it! I especially like the legacy picture. Also, it's always fun to read about people's characters in detail and see a face with it. Everyone makes up their own stories about the characters they play. :)

  2. Looks great! Not over-the-top in anyway. I enjoy giving more detail and personalities to my toons. That's essentially what my website is for, for my toons and they legacy they leave behind. :P Good going here!