Galactic Antics is Live

Spawn of the Dread Master is no more; Galactic Antics has risen to take its place!

So the poll I posted last week ended up being a lot closer than I envisaged; Smuggling with a Cool Head and Galactic Antics both ended up being tied in first place. I'm a little disappointed that From the Valleys of Alderaan was left behind, but c'est a vie.

I had hoped that it wouldn't be a tie, as I'm not very good at making final decisions, but Rav raised a very good point in the previous post; Galactic Antics is the far more generic name, whereas Smuggling would get me stuck in virtually the same place as I had been stuck with Spawn: the name was based around one character while others have become more frequently used.

I can only apologise for the messiness of this transfer period; I'm not willing to pay for redirection of traffic (such a thing would be free if I had any say...), so anyone who has this blog's name in their blogroll, you'll have to update all this information manually.



Some general things which have been updated:

The Character Page is back, looking much more polished than before.

The Accomplishments Page now lists direct links to my various Story Critiques (serious spoilers if you haven't come across these before).

The Blogroll has been expanded; I have never been good at keeping a 'proper' version of this, and I'll make more of an effort to maintain this in future.


Here's to continuing on with the insanity!

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