Potential Blog Revamp

This blog has maintained its present format for a good 15 or so months, and a fair bit has happened in that time which means that a revamp is probably in order.

Most of the reasons for this occurring basically revolve around the transfer to The Red Eclipse, which I would say revitalised my interest in the game as a whole. Compared to how I spent my time on The Harbinger, which I heavily dedicated to one character only towards the end (Pippera the Sniper) whilst the rest were all just 'there', I now have at least three/four characters I spend time on regularly on a daily basis, which for me is actually really good going!

More than that, though, the character whose identity in turn formed the identity of this blog has now lost that identity. It doesn't seem right to keep a joke going with no true manner of justifying it. Not only could this be a revamp, but a re-branding of sorts.

I'm drumming out some ideas for what to do which I'll dish out at a later date in another blog-post once I've got something to show for it. The 'Characters' page is the first and easiest casualty at this time, because half of the characters on that list are no longer relevant, and I have always worked best with 'catalysts' setting things in motion.

As much as I'm making a big thing out of this to myself, I really don't think all that much will be changing visually in the long-term, as I'm quite fond of the layout and colour-scheme of the blog, so really it will just be "same-old, same-old" even if it is under a different header.

Regardless, I thought I'd just make my plans known. It will be interesting to see what becomes of this plan, no matter the outcome.


  1. Hmm, curious to see which direction you'll take this in! To be honest I never thought the Sith theme fit your writing style very well (cool and analytical instead of madly passionate), but then I don't know if I'm very "trooper-like" either, it's just what I happen to play. ;)

  2. I second Shintar. Then again, my own blog isn't really a "diary of a gamer girl" either (mostly because I figured diaries are boring to read for other people).

    Will be fun to see what you come up with!