Wednesday Warzones #3: Beautiful Noises

It's time for another Wednesday Warzones!

Unlike the last two videos, this one actually uses footage from different nights! The first two were from four matches which were recorded on the 11th of September, whilst the third is one from a whopping nine matches which were all recorded on the 14th.

Needless to say, I have enough footage to make up at least two Warzones videos from these sessions alone, and trust me when I say that the chosen Odessen is one of the least bizarre matches from that particular session.

There's also a fair bit of swearing in this video. I normally don't mind the occasional bit of swearing, and I only edit it out if it's just a bit too much, like for example in the first video.

More to come in two weeks' time!


Session 1:

Vhiallia - Balance Sage
Tror ("Teloo") - Seer Sage
Mep'fan ("Suss") - Dirty Fighting Gunslinger

Session 2:

Kenkurian'ah - Combat Sentinel
Corriari ("Suss" again) - Shield Specialist Vanguard
Shíntar - Combat Medic Commando

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  1. I actually saw the video before I saw this post and was wondering about the swears, heh. The "beautiful noise" bit in Odessen made me crack up, I'd forgotten all about that already. :P