Happy Life Day!

With all that's happened that have quite proved the bane of the SWTOR community over the last few weeks, it's nice to be able to appreciate once more the jolly 'break' that is Life Day.

Thankfully, no Lumpawarrumps to be seen just yet.

This year, obviously keeping the Strongholds continually updated, we get Decorations from not one but three sources; the Life Day Reveler sells two for 20 Parcels each, the Cartel Market has a series of Decorations that can all be bought separately or in a bundle, and you have a chance to get a series of Trees by hitting Overheated Droids on Coruscant and Dromund Kaas with snowballs. Definitely better - and more fun - options this year than there were last year, although last year's speeders are still available for the same amounts if you missed out then.

This Life Day Event also brings in perhaps the most impressive Anniversary yet; whereas the first granted only Fireworks and the second GSF paintjobs, the third brings in free Decorations, which are all more than decent. Okay, the paintings are a bit tacky but we get Fireworks and a Galaxy Map for your Nar Shaddaa Sky Palace and Tactical Planning rooms respectively, which are both very awesome in theory and in practice. The fact that the former can be placed on Small Hooks makes them very versatile.

All in all, a good show thus far, and easily the most fleshed-out Anniversary and Life Day combo yet.

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