Return of the Gree

So the Gree are finally back again, bringing with them another chance to down Xenoanalyst II, miss out on the highly-coveted Red Sphere, and dodge, dip, dive, duck, and dodge around flagged combatants in that one obligatory-PvP area.

This time, though, there are two "new" aspects to the event, outside of its now being level 60. Firstly - if you didn't have enough before this week - the Helix Components you earn this week can be put towards the Cyan Sphere, which was recently placed onto the Gree vendor instead of just the Life Day vendor. Of course, this is presupposing that you have enough Snow-covered Parcels from the Life Day event as well.

Secondly, this event's return means that, finally, every single Conquest Event has been seen at least once. Whilst you will see people who have conquered every single planet by this point, you would have never seen anyone who has completed every single Conquest Event, and it's thanks solely to this Event's attendance record.

It's good to see the Gree return after approximately seven months. We can only hope that its next period of absence, after this iteration of the event ends this week, won't be as long.

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