General Update

I'm still around, but haven't posted much due to other things taking up my time.

It doesn't help that since we are still seven or so weeks away from Fallen Empire - hard to believe that not even a year after Shadow of Revan we are once more under the shadow of another significant game expansion - so there hasn't been all that much happening in-game to discuss.

Indeed, most of what has been happening relating to SWtOR have been updates about how Fallen Empire will "work", and until the final Class Changes Blog goes live the vast majority of this is still under the "hush-hush data-mined" category as far as I'm concerned. Once all those are out of the way, there will finally be something concrete as a whole ideal to comment on much like the Companion Stream.

Hopefully, with Level 65 now creeping up on us, we will see the Rakghoul and Gree Events return once more, to give people one last chance to down the Eyeless and Xenoanalyst II before they get updated to that Level. It would be nice to see as it would also spice up the definitely-noticeable "downtime" prior to the expansion's release.

So just a short update on my whereabouts. I'm still here and about, but currently a bit "out of it", if you will. Hopefully within the next few weeks I'll be able to get back on my feet a bit more. I still need to finish up on my long-overdue Liebster Award post and follow-up on my old plans of doing PvP, since that took off more than I expected it to.

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