A New Inmate in the Madhouse!


The Bounty Hunter Class and I have had a bit of a vast history.

Not as vast a history as Troopers (I've had eight of those!), but still; six Hunters have all come and gone during my time in-game, with each one being discarded simply because they did not resonate with me one bit. As pointed out previously, I can tend to be really rather fickle when it comes to deleting characters, with reasons for doing so ranging from not enjoying the class (more so for Powertechs) to simply not being able to come up with a good outfit/story/whatever for them (more so for Mercenaries).

So this brings me to Phirella, the fresh-faced 'baby' Hunter I started last Sunday afternoon.


She seemed doomed from the start, as I was originally thinking of making her an alien, and yet I couldn't find a design, nor a species, which just 'clicked'. Making her a cyborg using the Trooper eyepatch cybernetics - I had the Cyborg Race unlocked thanks to an earlier Instant 60 Hunter (as if I didn't need to stress any harder just how fickle I am) - was a last resort out of frustration.

Obviously I wouldn't be posting about this if I was in any way dubious about her - plus, of course, using the terminology 'seemed' nearly always implies that there's something more finite to come sooner or later - so I'll cut straight to the chase.

Compared to what I was fearing would happen, I found myself pretty much instantly coming up with her own personal backstory - orphan following a tram crash on Corellia which rendered her face badly damaged and an eye blind before she turned to petty thievery and later being a press-ganged thug in an attempt to self-fund the 'luxury' cybernetic implants (as deemed by the surgeons) not necessary in reinforcing her face and saving her life following the accident - something which normally takes a very long time and even then the reason for Bounty Hunting is never all that good to begin with.

Her predecessor was written to have turned to bounty hunting to avenge his wife and to ensure that nothing like that happened to anyone else or something incredibly "what are you on about?" like that, so at least I can say that I've actually got a somewhat proper 'reason' for her to be a Hunter!

Additionally, that eyepatch just has such great synergy with the facial scarring.



Phirella Armour

Even her outfit - another thing I can't always get 'right' on a Hunter - has come together really quickly. I've been meaning to see what the TT-17A Hydra Chestpiece looked like with a Dark Red/Light Red dye for quite some time now - it contrasts the blue light quite nicely! - and from there everything fell into place. Since I dislike the blocky designs of the boots and gauntlets, those were always going to be replaced, whilst I think Shae's belt and helmet are the best such variants of the equivalent Hunter gear.

Whilst I'm not too happy with the how the dark blue light clashes with the cyan light of the Hydra Chest and Stalwart Protector gauntlets, it isn't really that distracting, all things considered. Makes it seem like a 'hub' for internal armour implants which is thus 'dimmer' due to the power being distributed between the other three. Or at least that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

I may change it if it gets on my nerves later, but at least the light is still blue!

Oh, also, the background to the armour picture? That's just a brief glimpse at my special "Screenshot Studio" on Coruscant. Sadly there are no in-game items with a consistent bright solid hue to them, but with the Revanite Chandeliers and four of the Zakuul Standing Lamps from the Star Fortress (all of which are insanely bright!) this still makes for a semi-decent 'greenscreen' of sorts if the subject's picture is taken from the waist upwards.

Also apparently the emote /crazytalk - an emote that suits me down to a tee - can provide an interesting 'defiant' pose as part of its animation cycle when you look at it from a certain angle.

Who'd have thought?


Based purely on the fact that she actually has a story and an outfit that I'm actually pleased with, little Phirella has made a lot more headway than virtually any of her fellows, and she's not even started Dromund Kaas!

I'll probably be using her as an outlet to post opinions on stuff which I haven't got around to tackling yet, such as the now-insanely fast XP gain and generic bonus missions around the galaxy.


  1. She looks a bit like Shin! Same hair, also a cyborg, possibly the same face... though they always look a bit different on different body types.

    Don't you wish you'd waited with creating her until the 28th? Or do you not care because creating new characters all the time is par for the course for you anyway?

  2. Very coincidental on that part; I just found the look to work well. :P

    And, yeah, now that I know how the LS/DS Event is supposed to work I do wish I had waited.

    I actually had a bit tacked on to the end of this post beforehand saying that she would be my main vessel for the Event, which was very quickly redacted the moment more information came out...!