Milestone: 100 Posts!

If you'd have told me at the start of the year that I'd be celebrating my 100th blog post under a different name and even on a different site than I started off using, I would have been incredibly sceptical. Yet, here we are; Spawn of the Dread Master died a death, Galactic Antics has risen from the ashes, and now Blogspot has replaced WordPress as the host.

How times change.

Regardless of how things have developed, it feels strange to say that I'm only just now celebrating my 100th post - in a post which is actually my 101st - considering that in a couple of weeks' time I'll also be celebrating the blog's 2-year-anniversary. It doesn't help that before 3.0 and for large swathes of time during 4.0 I went on a 'hiatus' of sorts and the blog suffered for it, but at least things are back-on-track now.

I honestly don't have anything to say to specifically celebrate this milestone because of the proximity to the anniversary, which I might just have something planned for. If I actually get around to doing more than I've done already, this is something which will last for a few weeks following its inception if all goes to plan.

Anyway. Just a short blog post today, celebrating that which honestly I began to think I'd never reach.

Here's to the next hundred!


  1. Now I can say grats!

    Personally I find that milestones are a great time to look back on your own work, have some fun with blog stats... or both!

    1. Thank you very much! :D

      Considering that I didn't do that for last year's anniversary, that's certainly part of the plan for this year's anniversary post. :P