Wednesday Warzones #1: The Drunk Guardian

As mentioned two weeks ago, I've had a little something in the works: Wednesday Warzones! This initiative will be a regular occurrence every two weeks, and I hope it's well-received.

This first one is a rather interesting one to start off this series. All three matches took place on the same evening, and this won't be something that will happen often.

The reason for this is because I went on holiday on Friday, so that meant that the only days I had to ensure that I would have at least one video prepared for today were Thursday and Wednesday given that for the previous couple of days I was focusing mainly on the DvL Event.

As you can already tell from the title, one of the players was really quite drunk throughout, to the extent that he participated in the first match without a weapon. Thankfully, there is never any mocking of this fact as it is quite frankly a frequent occurrence.

It also resulted in quite a bit of swearing, which I have endeavoured to eliminate. I might have missed one of them, but it's not the most audible as it's swallowed by another person talking.

So, yeah. I hope that you guys enjoyed this first instalment of Wednesday Warzones, and I look forward to creating the next few!


  • Vhiallia ("Cal") - Balance Sage
  • Suss'dao'wuss - Seer Sage
  • Numendar ("Mark") - Telekinetics Sage
  • Kenkuria - Defense Guardian


  1. Typical Ken. :P Only you would bother to edit out his swearing when he's nearly unintelligible most of the time anyway. Had to giggle at Jynx leaving with a "mafkees" (if I understood that correctly)! And what was that about Creature being borderline?

    1. I figured that his swearing would be a good guide for helping me know what bits to edit; this was my first foray into video editing, and so I felt that I 'needed' some tangible cutoff points to start with. :P

      I must admit, I don't particularly know what she said either, but I think my mind was more on the game at the time so can't bring a contemporary understanding to resolve the dilemma. :P

      Creature was in a Guild called , hence why that joke quickly raised its head.

    2. Note to self: never use the greater-than or lesser-than signs to write a Guild Name in the comments as it is written in-game or else Blogspot will treat it as HTTP code.

      As it should have been: "Creature was in a Guild called 'Border Line', hence why that joke quickly raised its head."