Senya's New Face

Hello again! It's been a bit fun taking a week's break following my crazy week immediately after the announcement of Galactic Command. It's time to kick things off once again!

When BioWare were first announcing the new streams to show off Galactic Command, they did so using a screenshot from the new expansion. As the title suggests, this image showcased Senya, and revealed that she has had a touch of facial remodelling:

Being a fan of Senya, my immediate reaction was to - of course - analyse this new face and decide whether or not it 'worked' for her compared to her original face, which, in case you have forgotten (in which case shame on you), looks like this:

As you can see, the age-lines on her face are more pronounced, her eyebrows are more pointed, and her jaw is slightly more square. Additionally, the blue in her eyes seems to be a little more pronounced.

It seems that this new visage is entirely based off her trailer appearance, as her armour has also now gained lights on the collar, something which can also be found on her trailer armour.

So, my thoughts on the new face.

Personally, I'm not too fond of it. I appreciate their making her face more detailed (seriously, the facial detail on her and Valkorion is stunning), but I feel that this is taking away from Senya's already-established character.

Senya as we know her is someone who is pragmatic and somewhat hard to trust or like when in her 'on-duty' mindset and yet is kind and sentimental the rest of the time. Her old face suited this kinder personality wonderfully, but admittedly it was difficult to imagine her being almost harshly dutiful.

This newer face, to me, does the exact opposite; it easily suits her on-duty mindset more than it does her 'true' sentimental personality. However, this is much more problematic now that we know the extent of her sentiments. Sure, her new face makes her claims that she'd bring justice to Arcann and Vaylin seem more believable, but it will be harder to align a 'harsh' face with her desperation to save both of her children from themselves in Chapter XVI.

Maybe it's just me. I do like how it's more detailed, but it just doesn't really suit the Senya I thought I was seeing throughout Fallen Empire.


  1. My impression was merely that they decided that her old model still looked too young (late forties maybe), and that she needs to look older and more worn down. (I think the new model makes her look 10-15 years older.) At least from the screenshots I don't think it changes the overall impression she gives off otherwise.

  2. If I look at the top Senya, I see Vaylin reflected in her face (or the other way around, of course). It takes some time to get used to, but I like her none the less.