Twelve Months of TRE

It has been twelve months to the day since BioWare opened up cross-region server transfers, so by extension it has also been twelve months since I finally made an actually good decision in SWtOR and transfer to The Red Eclipse.

It's been a rather interesting year. I've got into a rut of doing group PvP, something which I didn't ever think I'd get truly involved in, resumed a fairly-dedicated Operations schedule after escaping another one of my "burned-out" breaks, and just generally have made my own mark on the server (for good or for ill is for others to decide, not me).

Of course I've made a fair number of friends along the way, and I'm thankful to them for (somehow) being able to put up with me, my ramblings, and anything else which drives people slightly barmy.

It has been a bit of a bumpy ride, though; since 5.0 hit, one thing has led to another and one of my longest SWtOR friends has decided to quit playing the game (at least on this server; he has previously retreated to other servers in the past so he may be doing this again). It's always sad to see friendships end, but it's not something I haven't been able to put behind me in the grand scheme of things.

I don't have anything planned by way of a celebration outside of this post. It's unfortunately one of those weeks were deadlines are ramping up, so I obviously don't have much time to dedicate to "non-crucial" SWtOR affairs.

Still, it's been a fun first year on TRE, and hopefully the next twelve months will be just as fun!


  1. Has it really only been a year? You took root so quickly it feels like you've been around forever. :P

    1. Well, it did help that I had a fair number of roots established (gear, experience, certain prior acquaintances, etc.) prior to transferring which I used to bolster my confidence and thus I had a fairly 'solid' entry period. :P

  2. It's always nice to read someone has found their spot in an MMO. And you've found it on the most awesome server of all. :P Yay!