Third Anniversary Follow-On: Giveaway Results

Last week, as you may recall, I announced in my Third-Anniversary post that I would be holding my first giveaway. It was always going to be something of a shambles, since I only ever had four items which I could put up as potential rewards.

This is largely because I have absolutely no idea what's popular among the community, and oftentimes whenever something is popular I find myself completely baffled as to why. So as a result, even though I probably should have bought something specially for this occasion, I was absolutely petrified that I would have made the wrong decision(s) and have completely wasted that purchase due to nobody having an interest in said item(s). 

Still, I was moderately happy with the four items I had managed to discover through RNG, with the E-95 Dread Behemoth Tank being the item which I thought would be the most difficult to shift due to its annoyingly-coincidental low price on the GTN. The Unstable Peacemaker's Dualsaber - despite being one of the nicest saber models in my opinion - was also a big risk because only 1/8ths of the Classes could have used it.

Somewhat disappointingly (but not that surprising, considering how "half-assed" even I called it), the giveaway didn't receive that much attention at all. After all, a competition which only offers four items - only 50% of which are generally desirable or appealing - isn't particularly captivating. 

Indeed, only two people entered, and I find it very appropriate that both individuals have made the most comments on the blog between them across its three years. Since they also selected their own specific items, that made designating the prizes far easier than I was anticipating, and of course it means that I don't get to disappoint anyone, so bonus points all round! 

Thus, the Krayt Dragon Skeleton goes to Shintar, and Zayne Carrick's Armour Set goes to Ravanel! Congrats to you both, and be sure to check your Mailboxes today for your prizes. 

Whilst I am slightly disheartened that the giveaway didn't get much love, I will once again reinforce my pledge to be determined to do better next time. Afterthoughts never go down well, even if they're apparently well-intentioned. 

As for the Unstable Peacemaker's Dualsaber and the E-95 Behemoth? I honestly don't know. I'll probably try and keep certainly the Dualsaber on until the next giveaway since I personally have no need for it, and the Behemoth will just... I dunno... continue to exist? Whilst it's a decent item I don't think it has enough staying power to be worth keeping specifically for a second giveaway attempt.

Once again, congrats to both Shin and Rav, and thank you once again to everyone who has stuck with the Blog for the past three years. 


  1. Yay. :)

    Giving stuff away can be harder than you'd think. Until you remember all the times you've gone past someone on the street who was handing out free newspapers or food samples and went "no, thank you". Your prizes were certainly more appealing than that, but also very specific - not just because of what they are, but also because the giveaway was limited to TRE only. That was always going to limit the potential audience.

    Also, this is the internet and we're all constantly getting lazier in our interactions with it (myself included). Leaving a whole comment on a blog post? Pfeuh!

    Also: exposure. I think you only posted about the giveaway once? When I did my pet giveaway in March, I posted about it on Twitter pretty much every other day, constantly highlighting the prizes that hadn't found a home yet. When you're working in a niche within a niche (blogger about one specific MMO), you've got to shout a bit to reach people.

    Getting comfortable with self-promotion when you kind of want to stay humble is a tricky beast.

    1. Yeah, I knew that exposure would be a problem. I was rather keen to avoid the whole "misleading people" thing again by promoting something which was ultimately disappointing, and my reservations definitely got the better of me there. I've still learned lessons for next time, though. :P

    2. Can second Shintar's tip about exposure. I've also noticed that if you are active on social media, especially if you're generous with sharing other people's stuff, people are more inclined to spread the word. In the end it boils down to what your goal of the giveaway is, though.

      I, for one, am super happy with the outfit (I will have to remember to login, good nudge, my sub expired). And I'm thankful to have you around in this by now somewhat archaic hobby of SWTOR blogging! :)