Another year, another milestone.

Fun fact, until last week I had convinced myself that this year would actually be this blog's ninth anniversary, not its eighth. I'm not too sure exactly when I first thought of it like that, but it's certainly been in my head for a good few weeks, as most things that I dwell on are.

Regardless, eight years is still worth celebrating. This blog is definitely on its last legs by now, and I have kept it alive a good few years when it could have died several times beforehand. That said, I have decided that this next year will be the last year for Galactic Antics. It's been a wonderful little passion project throughout the years, and I have got to know some really lovely people through it, but it's time that this blog begins to face the long-awaited curtain call at last.

I may refer to the blog rather derisively as a "rust-bucket", but I have enjoyed working on it a fair bit over the years. While I was not inexperienced with being "out there" on the internet prior to its creation in 2014, having hosted numerous webcomics on a separate forum through 2007 to 2011, it's been a wonderful confidence booster in being able to keep an online project active for longer than a single year before moving on, either to a successor or to different things altogether.

So even if it isn't going to reach the "ideal" of a tenth anniversary, hitting eight years and ending on its ninth is not something I would have considered a likely outcome all those years ago. It's been great exposure to creating and running a website, something which I will need to look more into again in the near future once I pull my finger out a bit and focus more on my prospective career options.

It's been a fun ride, and of course it isn't over yet. With everything else going on, I don't know what sort of things I'll be touching on over the next twelve months, but since there are more than a couple of things I've been meaning to touch on over the years that I never got around to writing about, I imagine I'll try to incorporate those in the line-up somewhere.

Once again, thank you all for reading this blog, and here's to the next and final year of GA. I'll be sure to try and make it as good as possible.

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  1. For some reason the title of this post made me think it was going to be about your characters, but of course there are 9 of them now...

    I don't think I've ever seen anyone announce their blog retirement a year in advance. Keep your options open I say!

    To be honest I've never understood why you don't post more here. You very obviously like expressing yourself in writing and you always say you're not fond of Discord, yet you write 20 walls of text there for every post here. 😄