The Disappearance of T7-O1

If there's one thing I really don't like about the singular storyline path of SWtOR, it's how returning Companions have been handled.

There has been the odd spattering of class-flavour when a class reunites with former Companions, particularly during the main story, but otherwise there has been a noticeable and bizarre disconnect for the vast majority. Even those Companions which had fantastic reunion scenes in the Main story have faded into the background now that their immediate part is "done".

One such character whose increasing absence has been thrown into sharp relief since The GEMINI Deception featured scenes where Main Characters from the first nine chapters of KotFE were present beside your character is the Astromech Droid T7-O1.


Despite being a Main Character and the first former Companion to return and, later, join the ranks, T7 has had virtually nothing to do outside of fiddle with a computer in the War Room from The Alliance onwards and serve drinks after the events of Disavowed. Seriously, whilst most other Main Character Companions have had something to say or do after they've been recruited, T7 is just... there. We don't know what the Alliance has him do, and we don't even know why he's still sticking around!

At first glance, you might think this could be due to the fact that returning Companions have been given the shaft in favour of newer Companions such as Lana, Theron, and Koth - despite the fact that they're very well-suited to the task of invading the Zakuul Warship, neither Kaliyo nor Aric are given the choice to accompany the team in Chapter XV, for example - but this is sharply contrasted by just how prominent SCORPIO has become!

Obviously, T7 isn't the only Companion this happens to. Notably, the Alliance Alert Companions are just blatantly ignored outside of one line from an Agent to Kaliyo if Lokin has been recruited before then.

Unfortunately, T7 is probably in an even worse situation due to just how versatile he is.

An archaeologist? Nah, don't need him.

A powerful Sith Lord? Got one already, thanks.

An Intelligence Spymaster who can transform into a Rakghoul? Not exactly the most trustworthy fellow.

An ancient Droid who's far hardier than he looks, can blend in very well with his surroundings, has a fair number of technological doodads, and knows how to negotiate computers like the best of them? Yeah, he's great, but we have this far shiftier other Droid here who is being openly shifty and is obviously untrustworthy, so screw the useless Astromech because it can't speak Basic, right?

The Alliance can pick its favourites well.

We don't have many technological wizards as part of the Alliance, and given how literally everyone says that SCORPIO is untrustworthy it seems incredibly backward that T7 should be ignored. Granted, SCORPIO comes into her own once the GEMINI Droids and she are known to be linked, but T7 should have had a hand in discovering this. I can't believe I'm advocating this, but we clearly need Mako and Tharan to return ASAP and remind BioWare to include more techies in their storyline.

Speaking of blending-in, T7 is one of the best members in the Alliance for this, since he looks identical to many Astromechs across the galaxy, some of whom can even be seen on Zakuul using his colour scheme. The other "Main" members of the Alliance are all fairly unique and memorable; they mainly consist of a blond Sith, a well-known terrorist alien, a furry alien soldier and his rag-tag bunch of a team, an SIS Agent who has worn the same jacket for his entire life, two Zakuulan traitors, a shiny and very 'alluring' Droid, and the most famous Zakuulan criminal ever.

Only Gault and Vette could probably slip under the radar as well as T7 due to their inability to draw suspicion from Zakuulites, who probably wouldn't think of these otherwise "insignificant" aliens as anything but a common novelty. Oh, look, they use guns as well! How quaint!

Of course, "blending-in" wouldn't be such a problem if the Alliance didn't decide to send its operatives to Zakuul using a Zakuul shuttle on a regular basis to recruit other potentially well-known troublemakers. Of course, if the Outlander decided not to get involved with the most famous underworld championship which also features an actual Exarch, that would also help. Zakuulans are absolutely blind, it seems.

Technically, of course, SCORPIO could evade notice as well. Whilst she is the Lady of Sorrows, not many people would be unfortunate enough to know what the Lady looks like, and even if she was seen, only those who knew of the GEMINI Droids would be truly suspicious of her. Otherwise, she's just another Droid, but one which seemingly catches the attention of the average male for some reason.

I think it's the chrome plating which does it.


Yeah, this is a love letter to T7-O1, I'll happily admit that. I'm just mildly annoyed that BioWare seem to be determined to ignore one of its most long-term, beloved, and loyal returning Companions, especially since there have been various opportunities for him to have come to the fore and actually done something since he was last active during Chapter VIII.

On the plus-side, Senya got some much-deserved love in Chapter XV after I'd pretty much given up hope of this happening since she last accompanied us in Chapter VII, so maybe - just maybe - T7 will get some in Chapter XVI, but I'm really not holding my breath. They've been spinning the significance of our duel with Arcann, particularly with our new unique weapon, to make it seem like we'll be entirely on our own.

We'll have to wait and see.

Maybe this all shows that we shouldn't be trusting T7. The old additive indicates that we should never trust the silent ones, and all this time T7 has been more silent than the cheerleader squad for the HK-55 subscriber rewards...

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