It may not escape the attention of anyone who even reads this blog that I've been steadily getting worse at updating. This is due to one thing: Conquests.

For those of you who don't know - and if you play the game, you should by now - Conquests are excuses for guilds to go at each others' throats over certain planets each week; certain planets have a chance to yield a Battlemaster or Commander who drops Encryptions and/or Frameworks to help open up one's Guild Ship, and completely conquering a planet makes dealing with the latter easier as you can knock out his shields using a special orbital bombardment.

I'll cut to the chase. My guild - The Last Centurions - has been spending its days going hard into any planet it enters into competition for. We've been in the top 10 list for nearly every single week thus far - more details on why this week could well be the one week we aren't later - often finishing in the top 2 spots; we've even conquered two planets thus far, becoming the first guild on Harbinger to conquer Nar Shaddaa.

Just last week, however, we became the second guild to conquer Hoth after an incredibly fierce competition that saw first place shift back and forth numerous times - and huge congratulations to <Midian> for their absolutely superb efforts in leading us on this chase. Hoth is one of those planets that has a chance to yield a Commander, so we planned to take this week lightly in order that we might just farm them when they spawn using that special bombardment.

As we can invade without moving the ship nor losing access to that said ability, we just decided to invade Ilum just to get into the top 10. The way most guildies seem to be taking to this week though seems to imply that we'll be lucky to get high in the leaderboard, as they're just restocking on materials to go all-in on crafting for next week.

As a result of this relaxed attitude, I'm actually now able to focus on this thing for this entire week, so this would probably be the most active week for some time.

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