Forged Alliances concludes in epic fashion

Forged Alliances always seemed such a promising arc; whilst its humble beginnings had two nigh-identical Flashpoints on both factions, the story presented within was far and above the highlight. Then part 2 came along and the actual Flashpoint proved to be better and more enjoyable than the story presented within - although I still wouldn't trust any group-found groups, myself.

Now, part 3 is out, and we now have the only Flashpoint - in my opinion - of the set which has both an enjoyable story and a fantastic Flashpoint experience.



First off, there's the setting. Rakata Prime - also called "Lehon" - is absolutely beautiful. I'd say it is perhaps the only area in-game that is above Manaan in terms of beauty, although it would be even more amazing if we could explore it outside of the Flashpoint; that, sadly, we can't do. Guildies I've ran it with have likened it to Far Cry's territory, and I can see why. You're on the cusp of a rich tropical forest, running along sands that border open sea, and crisp clean rivers and waterfalls are abundant everywhere.

There are also indigeneous tribes. As this takes place on Rakata Prime, of course the Rakata themselves have to feature, having truly regressed into a nomadic tribe-like state. Although we've been reminded throughout BioWare's Star Wars games that the Rakata had lost their connection to the Force, there are some members of the species who can use the Force to heal and deal damage. Maybe that virus was choosy.

The boss fights are absolutely incredible, in my opinion. All of them are absolutely chaotic, yet they just flow so well, which sets it apart from all other Tacticals, and even some of the originals, in my opinion. The first has you dealing with a Rancor and his undaunted master who leaves pools of fire everywhere; the second has you facing off against a cyborg and his waves of reinforcements, and the third... well, the third is very reminiscent of Jarg and Sorno with the banter betwixt the two bosses.

I must express disappointment with the final boss fight. Not for the mechanics, but for who we actually fight. I'd always hoped that Darok and Arkous would survive into 3.0 to become Operations Bosses, or at the very least the end-bosses of whichever planet comes out then. To see them killed in but a Flashpoint feels almost anticlimactic.

That having been said, any anti-climax is swiftly eliminated, as something else occurs that ensures that 3.0 truly does have a big bad and shows that the reason why they killed off those two was to lull us into a false sense of security - seemingly killing the ringleaders before the true leader arrives. I won't reveal who or what the true leader is, but it certainly guarantees that 3.0 will be one fun ride.


As per usual with Flashpoints now, of course the final boss drops decorations. Also falling in line with the other Tacticals, it also drops a Mewvorr and has a chance for a mount. The decoration is a palm tree from the surface of Lehon, the Mewvorr is a Psychedelic Prismatic Mewvorr, and the mount is a Legacy-bound Aquatic Sleen. They seem to have learnt a lesson somewhat since Korriban and Tython in making that thing BoL as opposed to BoP.

Whilst the Mewvorr is easily the worst of the four, the decoration and mount are both wonderful - although I must question why "Aquatic" Sleen aren't found in the Manaan Flashpoint whilst the upcoming "Jungle" one wasn't from Lehon. Maybe some other Jungle planet will be made available in the future for a Flashpoint...

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