Decorations which I would like to see

So after a hilariously badly-timed post on my part reinforced the fact that I like to constantly get ahead of myself on certain matters, I'm going to be trying to keep away from analysis and/or prediction posts for the time being.

So for the first time in a long time I'm returning once more to Strongholds, focusing on the various Decoration Themes which I'd like to see either expanded upon, if they're in the game already, or those which will be brand new added into the game in future.



Mandalorian and Sith Decorations are reportedly being introduced in the next two months. Hopefully the Mandalorian ones will be taking inspiration from items which can be found within Blood Hunt; Mandalorian banners and totems and the skull torch brackets in particular would be amazing items to gain. I'm putting this in the foreword because both of these themes would otherwise have been a part of this list and actually make it slightly more difficult to compose.




Yes, I know, we have mounts and pets which can be placed down but these have limitations. Firstly, both can only be placed down once per Stronghold. Secondly, mounts have their saddles and just stand idly by waiting to be ridden.

I'd quite like to see a series of creatures which are un-saddled and in a variety of different poses, just to allow for some more "realistic" creature scenarios than just having your favourite creature mounts face off. For example, on the Yavin Stronghold you could have a flock of Stonerays by a rockpool or a solitary Krakjya relaxing whilst another stands guard nearby.

It just slightly frustrates me that the only creatures we can have are saddled for no reason or can only be territorial and singular in their particular plumage or fur colour.


Knights of the Old Republic

So we have Revan statues and we're going to be getting the KotOR Swoop Bike. Those are good, but there are actually quite a few things from the KotOR games which would make quite a few good decorations in their own right, although these are actually limited. Sculptures based on those on the upper levels of Taris, a Sith Soldier in Restored Triumvirate gear, perhaps a holo-memorial of the Star Forge or the Leviathan and statues of Revan's companions. The biggest Decoration would be an Ebon Hawk Starship.

I'm probably on a hiding to nothing - as usual - but still I'm quite keen on paying homage where possible, and Decorations themed to KotOR seem like an obvious choice to do so, especially following on from their making the KotOR Swoop Bike.


Expanded Upon

Underworld Smugglers

We don't really have a lot of smuggler-centric Decorations. Sure, we have boxes and parts of the Smuggler's spaceship such as the couch. However, any Underworld Decorations relate mainly to the Hutts; it's time that we received some more Decorations from the Underworld which don't relate to them in some way. There are various wanted posters in Imperial and Republic space, and Sano Thrica's platform in Temple of Sacrifice has some wonderful Smuggler flags, for example.

The problem remains; what else can they do? Smugglers, whilst of course their own culture, don't have a unified "theme" like Mandalorians and Bounty Hunters do. You can scrape together a general feeling of "Hunter" with various Carbonite Trophies and holo-planning-tables, and whilst you could do that for Smugglers it would still be more appropriate for a Bounty Hunter. They could do a table with a dead Rodian slumped on it, I suppose...


Imperial and Republic Militaries and Navies

We already have quite a bit from this theme; we have soldiers, flags, computers, propaganda... what else is there to add? We could have more personnel, such as pacing officers or soldiers taking part in firing practice and targets for said firing practice. There are various giant holo-planning tables on both Republic and Imperial capital ships which would be excellent to have. There are various Droids which display holograms of officers. Even something simple like a picture of Jace Malcom telling citizens to sign up to stop the Empire would be an amazing addition.

We do have a lot from this theme, of course, but it would be nice to see this expanded, even if they had to lump them together and offered reskins of the exact same style of Decorations.


More Droids

The only Droids we can have in our Strongholds are the numerous pets, the Ship Droids, T7-01, SCORPIO, HK-51, and the Astromech Serving Droid. There are many more Droid units that are in existence, even if most of them are repainted Astromechs or remodelled Protocol Droids. It would be nice to have access to a few of these as Decorations, but even then I can understand them not focusing an entire theme around them. Maybe have them included in a general "service" theme, such as including a sparking terminal or a broken speeder.


Admittedly, most of the Decoration themes which I can think of to be added have already been added to the game and there aren't that many original themes which haven't really been touched on in some proper manner before. I'm pleased with Decorations where they are at the moment, and I'm looking forward to seeing what else they add in the future.

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  1. I like your suggestions from these themes, especially the "service" theme with the sparking terminal or broken speeder. I believe I've seen this from posts on reddit regarding the swtorstrongholds.com site, but themes based on planets might be something to look into. Whether its people or things found on that planet, it might be cool to see these in strongholds. Quesh or Syndicate workers milling around, Nar Shadaa cantina patrons, etc...