Living the Night Away

A brief post on this, because I don't have all that much to say about the Event that hasn't already been said elsewhere.

It's hard to say whether the Nightlife Event is one to be recommended.

If you missed out on it last year or still have things to do, such as winning that Rancor or blowing up a Slot Machine, then I'd definitely say that it should be given a chance. For everyone else, though?

Seeing as there hasn't been anything new announced this year - it would be nice if we got some Decorations, but a non-functional Kingpin's Bounty Slot Machine is the only thing I can think of - included either in the drops or on the vendor, there really doesn't seem to be all that much "replay value" to this Event once everything is said and done.

I will say that it is nice to get a recurring Event that lasts for more than a week, as this does last until August the 25th, and it's a shame that we don't get more "interactive" Events with more-than-standard longevity, even if it is only for a second week like the Gree Event recently was due to a Conquest Glitch. It is indeed Conquest itself which would annoyingly negate the possibility of such an occurrence.

If you do wish to indulge in credit-gambling, I can point you to a lovely little spot away from the main Casinos themselves which offer Slots and should be substantially less crowded; the two Barges on the Lower Promenade offer a couple of rows of the machines. You'd be unable to sit in the middle of four machines and click to your heart's content as you can in the Casinos, but the comparative tranquillity is a good compromise, in my opinion.


  1. I'm not a great fan, either. I don't like grind, so I haven't even spammed enough out of those machines to get a rancor.

  2. Well, for me this is the first year I've had the opportunity to deal with the slots an gamblin stuff. I'll probably tire of it, but at least for a little while I need to give it a go and enjoy the first run experience. It's kind of hard though since I've got too many alts I'm leveling right now. I guess we will see.

  3. I need my credits for the new stronghold, so I won't participate. Not really a big fan of gambling either.

  4. ROFLMAO!!! Ok, so I tried the gambling casinos last night while waiting for pvp matches. Hugest waste of 45k credits I've ever endured. Boring, no skill or strategy. I thought at first by watching the dial and circle and timing it was how you won more tokens...nope. I wouldn't mind this silliness IF there was some strategy to the machines. Since there isn't it really bored me within about 2 hours of play. So, verdict is a big thumbs down. While I would have loved to own the speeder they offer, it just wasn't worth the time and grind to obtain it. The Rancor isn't my style of pet anyhow so that was out. The outfits looked godaweful to me so they weren't worth it either. Ok...I'm not hating on this event, but I have to say it was largely a disappointment to me lolol.