That Pesky Alignment

So last week in my Thoughts on 5.0 post I mentioned in passing that Calph's alignment had been reset, and I had no idea why it had happened.

Having managed to get her back to Light V on the Saturday, I was somewhat aggrieved to discover yesterday afternoon that this had occurred yet again.

I'm still trying to find a possible cause, but I have noticed a connection. Both times it's happened so far it's happened on days where I've done my standard Dailies runs, and I've always noticed it either during or shortly after working on those in Section X. There has to be something that's causing it, yet I just can't think what they'd have done which would make a Daily area apparently reset a character's personal alignment...

Just a short post today since I'm just so confused as to what exactly is causing this bug to occur and I'm also currently working on a long post which should be coming on Monday, hence why right now I don't have that much to say.


  1. Oh no! I would be so annoyed by that! Anything on the forums? Maybe start a thread there and see if someone else has run into something similar and knows the cause. I hope it doesn't happen again!

    1. I haven't seen anything on the forums, but then I normally try and avoid spending all too much time there if possible given the toxic nature of it all.

      Yeah, I too hope that it doesn't occur again. I mean, it's wonderful for my Bioanalysis supplies, but it's a nightmare for me. :P