Wednesday Warzones #9: What's in a Name?

Wednesday Warzones another instalment thereof it's time for!

Warzones took a week break last week, simply because for all the Warzone footage I have, I've realised that an incredibly large amount of the videos are taken from the perspective of guarding (I like to refer to myself as the 'designated guarder' of the player-groups we get going) with very few - if in fact any - interruptions from enemy players, which really doesn't result in fun watchable footage.

Indeed, it's telling that I've actually completely skipped over the entirety of October and gone straight to footage from November.

But that's those bits of footage, and this is this footage. Whilst the video itself is one of the shortest yet done, I'm rather pleased to say that this actually features the longest bit of unedited pure footage of any video thus far for the Odessen segment, which is completely unedited after the first two jumpcuts right at the start.

Additionally, people who are subscribed to Shintar's YouTube Channel who may have seen her most recent Twin Suns Outtakes video may recognise aspects of the first HyperGates. I'm personally a huge fan of two videos showing the same scenario but from two different perspectives, just because it gives it that added layer of understanding.



Ancient HyperGates (5th November):

Vhialla - Balance Sage
Jengos - Shield Specialist Tank
Zoccin - Scrapper Scoundrel
Golu - Seer Sage

Odessen Proving Grounds (6th November):

Vhiallia - Balance Sage
Teloo - Combat Sentinel
Shilu - Sawbones Scoundrel

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  1. It may be boring footing, but I'm positive people are happy with you guarding the nodes. So frustrating when everyone just runs away!