Celebrating the "Return" of the Solo-Mode Flashpoints

So yesterday Solo-Mode Flashpoints were made re-accessible to those who had already completed the previously one-time-iterations of the missions.

I am a huge fan of the Solo Mode Flashpoints; they're huge fun to blast through, and with the gear that drops and you get given at the end - particularly with Tython and Korriban - they're quite financially-rewarding. Not as rewarding as their Tactical equivalents, of course. Whilst you can solo Tactical Mode of Tython and Rakata - and with some greater difficulty Korriban and Manaan - the Solo-Mode provides I think currently the only manner of soloing Blood Hunt and Battle of Rishi, the Tactical modes of which I currently believe to be just a bit out-of-reach for soloing.

This means that people can now easily complete the "Complete 25 Times" Achievements without waiting on a group, and - for those of you who still need them - because across the six Solo Mode Flashpoints there are nearly 1,000 Enemies, getting 1,000 Kills with a certain companion will also be much easier and more fun to accomplish.

With this change, the solo mode of each Flashpoint now acts as a separate Daily, which is an unprecedented but actually very understandable change. This way, at least people new to the Forged Alliances and Shadow of Revan Prelude arcs won't be able to constantly go back in and just level to 60 effortlessly in the Flashpoints alone without once stepping foot on Rishi. They still could, of course, but they'd need to wait a day for it.

All in all, it's great to see Solo Mode become a repeatable affair, especially as it is something which some people have been asking for since 3.0 launched from the off.


  1. I wonder how loot drops will be since the dev notes mentioned scaling back at least the credits drops due to them allowing repeatable runs of solo-mode. I think they will still be tons of fun to farm-especially since by 60 you can face-roll the mechanics with the help of your companion and the Jesus droid. I hadn't ever tried soloing the tactical version (even though I am a tank), so seeing solo-mode return is wonderful. I tend to like solo-mode as it gives me a chance to really learn the fights without having to possibly cause a wipe because I missed a mechanic or my machine decides that it is going to lag and prevent me from running away from the electrified water in Manaan.

  2. Thanks for writing this - I'd totally have missed this news otherwise! That said, I personally find solo flashpoints rather dull, so you won't see me doing any anytime soon. I guess it's a nice alternative to learning flashpoint mechanics, though, as Zerne proposed. I hadn't looked at it that way yet.