Rampaging Rakghouls, Rakghouls, Rakghouls

Nothing special planned for April Fool's Day today. Dipping into critical analysis tends to impact on creative potential where I'm concerned.

So the Rakghouls have returned once more, but I can't see as much of it as I would have liked, myself being in a different part of the country on a family holiday. I must admit that I am partially relieved about this, due to previous frustrations surrounding a persistent inability to win a certain Rakling reducing enthusiasm for the event as a whole. "Next time", is the wistful cry, of course.

The Resurgence Event has gone full-circle and has landed back on Alderaan, just over 14 months since it first began there. Alderaan is, as I think I've stated on here somewhere before, my personal favourite planet to traverse, and I always take every excuse I can to visit, even if it's just to 'exercise' one of the many creature mounts I own and do nothing productive. Shame that the majority of the Event takes place away from all the beauty, but then the upside to this is that the beauty of the planet remains intact.

Giant space lasers notwithstanding.

One thing of note is that, similar to the Bounty Brokers' Association missions, anyone at level 60 - I want to say this applies to anyone over level 56 as well - can earn Elite Commendations instead of Basic Commendations, and the Credit Rewards have been upped a couple of thousand credits. Some incentive to keep more people doing it, of course, and an easy way to get 10 or so Commendations per day on each character you send down there, provided they also do the Heroic.

Commendation changes in general have been generally decent over the last few weeks; Yavin's Weeklies now granting an increased number of Elites and Basics - even Ultimates in the cases of Hallowed Grounds and Spirit of Cooperation - have proved successful and welcoming, and the change for the Rakghouls has also been well-received from what I've seen.

Whether or not you have any personal grudges against the Rakghouls, they are clamouring for their much-deserved extermination.


  1. I haven't had the opportunity to do much with this event the last couple of times it has been around. When I logged in after the last event I found myself at stage 1 infection. Still am (never got it vaccinated). Instead I have been grinding out the Spirit of Cooperation weeklies on Yavin for those Basic Comms and am only 2 pieces away from being in all 186 gear (though if I get enough ultimates I may for go the 186 chest piece and get the 192 instead). I guess I am at that boring point of the game where it's grind grind grind until 3.2 goes live.

  2. I just wish the elite commendations were of any use. The stat distribution on the mods of the gear is so crappy that it's rarely worth upgrading min-maxed mods of lower tiers. I'm capped on basic and elite comms all the time - I just don't know what to do with them. :/

  3. I hear you on this; I just mainly use them to purchase (192) Armourings for the few alts who need them, although my first priority admittedly was to purchase new implants/earpieces which had stats that I deemed more "appropriate" for certain companions than their Devoted Allies counterparts..!