The Wardrobe of a Sniper

Exactly two weeks from today, Patch 3.2 launches with the coveted Outfit Designer, and many many people have been acquiring several outfits to assign to their various characters.  I myself am no different, and all of my characters have one distinct costume to wear. All, that is, except for Pippera the Sniper, who has four. The maximum, of course, is sixteen, so I'm still a long way away from hitting that limit on her.

Whilst I admit that it is boring to only feature on the one character, I will more than likely touch on the others when the Designer is fully launched. For now, though, I will showcase only what Pip's costumes shall be and the thought processes which went behind them.


#1: The Standard Outfit

Costume 1 001 Costume 1 002 Costume 1 003

  • Head: Adept Scout's Earpiece

  • Chest: Subversive Jacket (Dyed: Secondary Dark Gray)

  • Bracers: Covert Wrist Energy Armor

  • Gloves: Formal Militant's Gloves

  • Belt: Mission Vao's Belt

  • Pants: Canderous Ordo's Pants

  • Boots: Lana Beniko's Boots

I've always wanted to make use of an Overcoat for my Agents. I do wish that they'd do one combining the "robe" of the Eradicator's Gear (et al.) with the sleeves and collar of this coat, as that would make for a properly awesome coat. These coats are more than decent, though.

#2: The Parade Uniform

Costume 2 001 Costume 2 002 Costume 2 003

  • Head: Adept Scout's Earpiece

  • Chest: Clandestine Officer Jacket

  • Bracers: Clandestine Officer Bracers

  • Gloves: Clandestine Officer Gloves

  • Belt: Clandestine Officer Belt

  • Pants: Clandestine Officer Pants

  • Boots: Clandestine Officer Boots

Gotta be. An Imperial Commander has to have the staple "parade uniform". I've always liked the Clandestine Set, to be honest, because of its more militaristic and field-worthy style compared to the uniforms of the Imperial Moffs of the Original Trilogy, whilst still being very reminiscent of them.

#3: The Infiltration Catsuit

Costume 3 001 Costume 3 002 Costume 3 003

  • Head: Adept Scout's Earpiece (last one, I promise!)

  • Chest: RV-03 Speedsuit Jacket (Dyed: Black/Dark Purple)

  • Bracers: Covert Wrist Energy Armor

  • Gloves: Formal Militant's Gloves

  • Belt: Mission Vao's Belt

  • Pants: RV-03 Speedsuit Pants

  • Boots: Lana Beniko's Boots

I do have to say, this is probably my least favourite of the outfits, but I felt it suited the "Agent" aspect. More worthy of an Operative perhaps, but considering the Agent has to infiltrate as part of their story, a catsuit would still suit a Sniper in my eyes.

#4: The "Collector's Edition Rip-Off" Imperial Trooper

Costume 5 001 Costume 5 002 Costume 5 003

  • Head: Volatile Shock Trooper Tac Helmet (Dyed: Dark Gray/Deep Red)

  • Chest: Volatile Shock Trooper Chestguard (Dyed: Dark Gray/Deep Red)

  • Bracers: Volatile Shock Trooper Bracers

  • Gloves: BK-0 Combustion Gauntlets

  • Belt: BK-0 Combustion Belt

  • Pants: BK-0 Combustion Greaves

  • Boots: BK-0 Combustion Boots

I didn't buy the Collector's Edition when the game was first released. Looking back, I do regret this - having the game's amazing soundtrack on CD would have been wonderful! - but it isn't something I would be willing to fork out for three years on. Of course this does mean I sadly cannot acquire the Imperial Trooper's Armor in any shape or form, so this Cartel-Reputation mashup is the next best thing. I do wish the chest was slightly less generous with its yellow lights, though, particularly on the "Crotch Flap".


I'll be perfectly honest, I still don't know exactly why I have given Pip such attention and yet been perfectly happy to only give everyone else a single outfit. Regardless, this should show the sort of approach I have to the upcoming Designer.

In case you want to see what the other character's costumes will look like, they can be glimpsed in their biography portraits in the "Characters" page. There will be a bit of a change-up coming soon for one particular class, but I'll get to that hopefully in the next week or so.


  1. I wear outfit #2 on my sniper as well. Great minds must think alike! ;)

    (Or maybe it's just the perfect outfit for a sniper.)

    I've planned a lot of outfits for my sage as well and not for the rest of my characters. I guess I'll add more outfits to their wardrobe gradually as I come across ones I like.

  2. I haven't even thought about outfits for my toons yet. I will probably leave my main, Zernebog in what he is currently wearing since I am pretty happy with the look. My Sorc healer, Dodola, will need an outfit that keeps the "alluring" look I am going for with her without being slutty. I'm pretty happy with what I have her in now, but I know there is better stuff out there (she's been wearing the same thing since Nar Shaddaa and is now close to completing Voss). I have no idea how I am going to make my Powertech look though. Male Cathar are kind of hard to figure out. Then again, he is a lowly level 17 and hasn't gotten to Grathan's Estate on Kaas yet.

  3. And I liked your outfit choices for Rav, Rav.

  4. Makeb Reputation Vendor (imp side) has the Imperial trooper armor (Legacy bound and has the Imp logos on the shoulder boards, just like the collectors edition) The only drawback, it's white. But slap on a black/red dye and you're good to go.

  5. I did look at that set to begin with, but the chest has annoying white patches under the "ribcage" which persist, making it difficult to dye any colour other than white. Otherwise, I would agree with your assessment of it.