Wading into IntPiPoMo #4: Everything Else

I realised shortly after posting my last IntPiPoMo instalment that I didn't have nearly as much time left to post images as I first believed. I was planning for today's post to be a post looking at changes coming for Eternal Throne and those which I like, dislike, and am currently ambivalent towards, but actually that probably works better as tomorrow's post as it will be posted on the same day as the expansion itself actually launches.

So, without further ado, here's the last instalment of my first International Picture Posting Month. Today's topic? Anything that could have had its own topic this time around yet didn't, mainly due to the fact that I was completely winging it and hadn't preplanned any aspect of it at all.


Operation Shenanigans

Because when you're in a good-natured and slightly barmy guild which also does Progression Raids, all sorts of crazy things can happen.

The Tragic Tale of the Sage who was crushed by a Door.

Note to Self: Never purchase Tauntaun-scented perfume (guaranteed to prevent any unwanted attention) before travelling to an area where Tauntauns are abundant...

It's a shame that Dejarik isn't an actual in-game leisure activity, but a holo-table emote is currently a good alternative, and it provides for some good screenshots if people decide to 'join in'.


No fancy name for this theme. I was hoping to do something akin to a 'wildlife holiday' for one of the themes, but for now that idea's on the back-burner. It will hopefully emerge for real next year.

First, a shout-out to one of my all-time favourite missions. This is from the Big Red Daily Mission for the GSI on Alderaan, where you have to track down a rare Giant Red Thranta in four separate locations, and is the closest thing to an in-game 'twitching' leisure activity.

Deactivating the UI with Alt-Z while using the Macrobinoculars provides many a great opportunity for screenshots, and Big Red is no exception.

Some of the corpses you can find across the game worlds seem very much out-of-place. For instance, one can find an exact clone of Darmas Polloran in the Citadel on Ziost during the story events there.

Perhaps the 'funniest' corpse to come across randomly is that of everyone's (least) favourite protocol droid and the very model of deferential fear, 2V-R8! This particular chassis can be found on Section X outside of the crashed Fatality, which is (theoretically) a place where you'd never expect to find such a Droid...



Because anything in/from "SPAAAAAAAAACE!" is definitely original.

This was one of my favourite moments from the HK Bonus Chapter, and was something which I had been hoping to include in the wrap-up of the HK Rewards scheme, yet never did for some reason. Still, this shot was absolutely gorgeous.

Another one of my favourite quests, this deserted wreckage of a ship used to be known as the Theoretika, a Czerka Research Ship which contains ancient schematics for the HK-51 series of Assassination Droids. The Theoretika quest remains one of the most atmospheric quest environments (up there with Kaon Under Siege) and the quest itself is very well put-together.

It's only a shame that the immediate subsequent portion of the overall HK-51 quest was such a grind, but I always jump at the opportunity to travel to the Theoretika again if one of my friends is doing the quest for HK themselves at any point.


This, then, marks the end of my International Picture Posting Month picture series. It was fun to partake in, and I'll definitely be doing it again next year. Heck, I now have time to work out a proper dedicated plan to work on throughout the year, so it should be far more polished next time around! 

Final Image Count: 55 (+7)

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  1. Whohoo, you made it. Congratulations!

    Enjoyed seeing more images in your blog posts, and now I need to check out those GSI missions on Alderaan for some thranta watching!