Wednesday Warzones #8: Skilled Impressions

It's time for another Wednesday Warzones!

... totally not nearly behind schedule as a result of 5.0.


This time around, Calph makes her video début on the blog! It's about time, but even so she doesn't appear until the third Warzone.

This video also marks the appearance of the only Warzone location not yet featured in the series: Quesh Huttball! Not that this is a particularly good thing, of course. If anything, "Queshball" is my least favourite of the maps.



Civil War and Queshball - 26th Setpember 2016:

Vhiallia - Balance Sage
Jengos - Shield Specialist Vanguard
Mep'Fan - Sharpshooter/Dirty Fighting Gunslinger
Shíntar - Combat Medic Commando

VoidStar - 30th September 2016:

Calph - Dirty Fighting Gunslinger
Rarrix - Serenity Shadow
Teloo - Combat Sentinel
Shilu - Sawbones Scoundrel

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