Wednesday Warzones #7: Take a Seat

It's time for another instalment of Wednesday Warzones!

Here's something surreal for you; this will be the last Warzones video until 5.0. I've got so much Warzone footage stored up that it will be a while until any footage from 5.0 becomes the norm for these videos, but maybe this is a good thing since it gives me time to figure out the best ways for my PvP character to cope with the new gearing system.

Heck, maybe Calph will actually be the featuring character for a while...

This video stars quite a noteworthy Guild on The Red Eclipse: Take a Seat! Or rather, their Republic equivalent. Having been on the receiving end of some of their ploys (as can be sorta seen in the Hypergates match), it was refreshing to actually be with them for a couple of matches instead of hitting our faces against the brick wall that they normally present us with.


Huttball (25th of September):

Vhiallia - Balance Sage
Suss'daowoss - Telekinetics Sage
Golu - Seer Sage and Serious Huttball Player
Malach Uriel - Gunnery Commando

Odessen and Hypergates (26 of September):

Vhiallia - Balance Sage
Tror - Balance Sage
Shilu - Sawbones Scoundrel
Corriari - Shield Specialist Vanguard

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